THE LAGAs support: healing little hearts



The Healing Little Hearts Story (as told by them!)

We are a relatively small charity with a big ambition to become a global house hold name. Our primary aim is to ensure every child that needs heart surgery get’s it. We treat the poorest of children who come from families that do not have the resources to pay for their healthcare.

Healing Little Hearts (HLH) was launched as an official registered charity in 2007 (Charity No: 1130194) and we provide Free Heart Surgery to those that need it the most. Our work started out in India but recently we have branched out into Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), Maurituis and Malaysia.  We aim to branch out to other areas of the world in desperate need of our help.

As a Leicester based and run charity, HLH is delighted to be chosen by Jay's Entertainment for The LAGAs.